Kamis, 12 Maret 2009

How to Sign Up Google Adsense

You can get income from the Internet because google will provide profit sharing (sharing) with you, if you put Google ads on the website of your writing to its content.
Website / blog as your showroom, where you give permission for laying on the Google ads on the website / your blog. Each time a person clicks on the ads, then you get profit sharing from ad. Value depends on the keywords / keyword ads.
To be able to get money from here, you must have a website. Free and easy way to start is to have a website registered in www.blogger.com
Only in within 5 minutes, you can already have their own website. Not yet know how, do not need to worry, because I already make a video for you who want to have a website for free from blogger.com.Click here to watch video!!
After have a website at blogger.com, you have to post articles in there. I suggest posting the article in the English language every day to 5 days. Articles must be with the same theme. For example, if your article about Feng Shui, then every day you post an article on Feng Shui
  • On the sixth day, do a new registration with Google Adsense click here
  • fill with correct data
  • waiting approval from google
Wait for approval from adsense more than 1 week, then after getting approval to login to your blogger page elements and add adsense to your blog.

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