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Productivity Eggs Lobster (Cherax quadricarinatus)

The live lobster in fresh water in Indonesia can be said that a new type especially lobster Cherax quadricarinatus or called with the usual red Claw. Red Claw are from Queensland, Australia. However, there is also a spread in the United States to Papua, Indonesia, although relatively few in number (Wiyanto and Hartono, 2005).
In Indonesia, a tropical climate with two-season to support the livestock freshwater lobster throughout the year without stopping. Thus, the potential for fresh water lobster is generally lay 4-5 times a year are the most common (Setiawan, 2006)
Lobster also known as the shrimp for consumption because it's a tasty lobster than sea water. In addition to shrimp, shrimp consumption is also used as decorative as a unique body shape, color and variety of the typical (Wiyanto, 2004). For this reason, the fresh water lobster be hunted by many consumers. At least of fresh water lobster is still make the price very high (Setiawan, 2006).
Lobster has differences with the sea water lobster. Sea water from the lobster family Palinuridae, Panaeidae, and Scyllaridae. Meanwhile, fresh water from the lobster family Cambaridae and Parastacidae. From the culture, all types of live lobster in the sea water and the sea can not be developed outside the original habitat, while the live lobster in fresh water fresh water and some have developed outside the original habitat.
Lobster live in tropical and subtropical areas have a higher tolerant nature of the environment. They can live in water conditions that are not good and a high temperature difference. Fresh water Lobster , known as a pet tolerant of environmental conditions (cie Wie, 2006).
According Pudjobasuki (2006) in the book is created by Hermansyah (2006), female parent is suspected local maximum production. Female measuring 5.5 inches only able to produce an average of 300 eggs / cycle marry. Female parent is a local lobster that came from Java Island of black and lobster in the area of Papua. So that the necessary efforts to improve the productivity of lobster eggs with fresh water will bring the type of Cherax quadricarinatus from Australia that came with the environmental conditions of cold, to be developed in the tropics.
Growth can be affected by two factors, namely factors inside and outside. Among other factors in the offspring, sex, disease and parasites. While outside factors, namely food and water quality is a major factor in influencing growth.
Quality of water that can support both the growth and development of the lobster fresh water optimally. Some of the primary water quality parameters that should always be monitored, the water temperature, water salinity, acidity of water, the womb of oxygen dissolved in water (dissolved oxygen, DO), and ammonia. Parameters will affect the shrimp's body metabolism, such as the active search for food, the process of digestion, and growth of shrimp (Haliman, 2005).
Temperatures are always fundamental conditions affect the growth of organisms, the increase in temperature will increase the body's metabolism, and if in the egg phase of growth will accelerate embryo (Marjono and Susanto, 2005). Although some earlier research has been done to get the right temperature range for lobster moral power, but at this time until the optimum conditions is still necessary arranged. Especially for the needs of the productivity of freshwater lobster eggs

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