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Teaching in the Attitude of a Teacher, and The Influence of Teachers' Attitudes in Education (first part)

Attitude of a teacher is one of the factors that determine the development of the life of the students further. Because a teacher's attitude is not only seen in the time to teach, but also seen by the students in the life of attitude in society.
Given the current attitude of many a teacher is no longer reflects the attitude as an educator because of various factors that should not happen in the world of education. therefore a problem in the attitude of teachers to teach we need to get all the attention.
The process of education takes place and not without reason or purpose, education is a process that serves to guide students in the life. That is to guide the development of self in accordance with the development tasks, and in sufficient living needs either as individuals or as members of the community.
When the review is widely seen clearly that human life is growing and people are always changing and that change is the result of the study. Not only learn all the events that take place consciously and effective. In fact, in many more things that people learn with no conscious and planned. Recognizing that the changes were not focused and not give much more likely that behavior change is outside the goal point.
Education is indeed the substance that has a normative aspect of meaning, that in the event of education, educators and students take on the size, norms or values that is believed to be a good. Because in education is usually conducted in a state of conscious among educators and students. There is also education made by parents with their children and was in the house.
Basically, education is very important for people in achieving the noble standard of living. For education this influence of human life. Because the reach of high education, then the man will be respected, dignity be respected in the community.
Therefore need to be confirmed, that someone who wanted to affect people who are not mature, he can not is called an educator. For the special nature of the educators is that a desire to influence each, and to help the child process to become adult for the child or quickly "to help children proficient enough so that the task of implementing their own". Only attempt to influence that can be called "educators" and "educate" is to affect the purpose of achieving the goals associated with the establishment of private child.
Easily can be seen that educators want / reject something, get / or combat or require a certain attitude. Give an example of a tindakkan are other things that be dissociated from the natural surrounding. Although not all done according to a specific plan. However, from the attitudes and actions that may be an example of an educator, not only disjoint but shall consider the nature of birth (form). Succession should be all that means for an educator or an educational environment, where all this is to provide assistance to children in the development achieve "the goal of his life".
The attitudes and influences in education
If we review our understanding of this attitude, the understanding of the relative. Because remember the attitude that there is in the human self, the attitude itupun depends on the man's own people on how to use them in their lives every day.
Attitudes such as that shown in the relationship between human beings that have a relationship, that people with other people who need them. So not only together in a place, that is, the attitude that can not be released from the self / private stakeholders that attitude, that can not be initially released from the presence of stakeholders attitude itself.
In a manner that there is always a tension between the personal property subject to the attitude of the people, with feelings sikapan together with the stakeholders. Together is a feeling that bond between parent and child, between students and teachers and can also feel a kinship based on shared interests between the people who are not natural according to one family and many other forms.
Attitude that someone so influenced by others when he has determined attitude, that attitude could change if the attitude is regarded by one. But not only so it will change attitudes that he sees no more errors from the attitude of people. Indeed, attitude is the right one to decide things. So attitude is very influential in sesorang, and the attitude is one of the factors that there is someone inside. Because with the attitude that people have something that can be used as a commitment.

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