Sabtu, 16 Oktober 2010

Kind of Insurance Do I Need?

What kind of insurance do I need? There is no one right answer to this question, because as an adult your life is constantly changing: and your insurance needs will change right along with it. But there are some benchmarks to look out for that will indicate whether an additional plan is in order; and, of course, the best thing you can do for total peace of mind is to work with an experienced insurance agent who will make sure all your needs are met. Meanwhile, here are just a few of the many life milestones that should prompt you to call your agent.

--College Graduation: Most states have laws in place that will allow children to stay on their parents' health insurance coverage until they graduate from college or reach a certain age. If you are a recent college graduate, now is the time to see what your health insurance situation is. If your employment does not offer health benefits, you need to speak with an agent about getting individual coverage at the lowest possible rates. Even if you are extremely healthy, accidents and unforeseen illnesses happen every day, and you want to at least be covered in case of catastrophe.

--Buying a Home: If you previously had renter's insurance and now you've bought your first home, now is the time to look into comprehensive homeowner's insurance coverage. This type of policy will cover structural and other types of damage done to your house within certain policy parameters, and absolutely no home owner should ever go without it.

--Birth of a Child: Once other loved ones depend on your income for their livelihoods, it's time to look into life insurance. For most people, that time comes when their first child is born. Should something happen to you, you will want to be sure that there is money to cover funeral expenses, mortgage, college educations and hardship due to loss of income.

This is just a small sampling of the types of life events that also require adjusting your insurance coverage: are your specific protection needs being met adequately?

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