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Having a swimming pool clean and healthy

Who does not know about the pool. This sport is one that is a mainstay in one of the world championships, and be part of the championship it is mainly. But this sport is also a few alternatives for treatment of injuries. Usually it is applied to football. In addition of course swimming is also very beneficial for health.

Has its own pool is something special, but there are some tasks and responsibilities that accompany it. Maintenance of the pool is very important and can not be ignored. Even if the pool is used by a family member, then it must be cleaned regularly. The pool is open water systems, rain, debris, insects, and other organic matter in the pool eventually decompose and attract bacteria. Water-borne diseases such as amoebic dysentery, typhoid, cholera is usually spread through pool water. In addition, a swimming pool with murky water, the smell of chlorine sting, are some of the problems commonly associated with the pool. Such problems can be reduced with proper care at the pool

There is a miraculous kind of pool, but when it was listed again divided into two public swimming pools (commercial) and a private pool. Swimming pools are of all indoor and outdoor (pool open).
Here I will discuss all the problems of the pool without a lot of theories, but all I peel is in accordance with the facts on the ground alone.
The level of difficulty in the care of the pool, ordered from easiest namely:

  1. The private pool inside the room. 
  2. The private pool is located outdoors. 
  3. The public swimming pool (commercial) who were in the room.
  4. Pool general (commercial) who are outdoors.
"Why do we have to take care of the pool water we ...?"

"What causes us to be dirty pool .....?"

Well let's talk about these issues are. Many people assume that "taking care of the pool water is as easy as taking care of the water in the bathtub". Hihihihi amused laugh deh .....

Indeed, if the water in small amounts easier to control, but if large quantities then we made a loss. As with fire, if small can our companions but if large even so disastrous for us.

However, healthy pool should be clean and comfortable for swimming. The characteristics of a good pool is filtered pool water is said to be perfect when 100% of the water has passed through the filter. If your pool capacity of 100 m3, then the filtering process has been completed after every drop of water had been passed through a sand filter you. So no matter how many hours, how many times a day, or adding chemicals such as chlorine. Sia - Do you routinely run down the pump if the filter only reaches 50% of your swimming pool area. Do not be surprised if you keep your private swimming pool was dirty, smelly and filled with water leaves.

The problem is you do not correct water circulation. And the solution is to put the return inlet in the right places. How easy and inexpensive care for the pool, but is often overlooked by the contractor pool.

So, the first step in caring for your pool is to know the direction the water inlet and water exit. For that you need only one spare part's commonly called the return inlet.
If your pool is large enough, then the distance between the return inlet ideally 6 meters. Not too much because it will reduce the water pressure so that the distance blurted out to be short. Look carefully at the specifications of your pool pump, particularly a driving force because it relates to the maximum amount of return inlet and reach.

If your private swimming pool equipped with heating, then how simple it will make you hot water evenly. The base of warm, as well as the middle and top.

Do not forget to back your sand filter backwash to clean the contents of the filter to remain optimal for further treatment. Yes, our sand filter is easy to use, cost-effective and can clean itself.

Many families have their own pool in his yard, and sometimes they are reluctant to perform maintenance. There is one company that offers services swimming pool. They were massive pool service Phoenix, the services they provide, namely Aqua Clean Pool Service is one of the most experienced and trusted pool service in the valley and they know how to clean and maintain your pool better than all the rest.

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