Kamis, 23 April 2009

Israel Army Made as an Experiment to Create a Vaccine Antrax

Israel are doing a secret project to develop a vaccine Anthrax, and potency of vaccine is secretly tried to the army. There is no one that the army Zionis realize that they have a rabbit experimental government project.

Israel Ministry of Defense, such as made by Ynet, the project revealed that the project is given the name "Omer 2". According to the ministry, the first time since the project was launched 1990, the trial Anthrax
vaccine is already done in the 716 soldiers of Israel without notice first.

Once out of the project, the soldiers of Israel who become the victims of the experiment rabbits submit legal claim against the Israeli military. Suit also asked the same organization Physicians for Human Rights. In the newspaper Haaretz, they claim that the experiment Antrhax vaccine to cause the body they have side effects that threaten their lives. So far, there have been 11 Israeli soldiers who had to obtain special medical care because of the side effects of the vaccine trials.

Israel-called a secret project to Antrax vaccine development as a strategy to anticipate the threat of biological weapons attacks against Israel. But the report made by a special committee of a number of doctors, legal advisors and scientists from the Weizmann Institute of Science impugn motives the government of Israel to develop the experiment.

From the report also revealed that Israel actually has a lot of preparation before Anthrax vaccine trial vaccine is developed. "Israel has accelerated to seek to produce more vaccine Anthrax a year before the experiment is done. And when the experiment is done, Israel already has Anthrax vaccine which is more than enough," the special committee's report.

The Committee is criticizing Israel that has been keep the project development Anthrax vaccine. But they have not been sure whether the need for a vaccine has been considered by decision-makers and decision makers who decide on Israel policy. The only document found by the Special Committee on vaccine experiment that is a document written by the deputy Israeli defense ministry

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