Senin, 27 April 2009

Risk Status for Pig Influenza

Health institutions of the world, WHO (World Health Organization) states, the status of the swine flu outbreaks over the United States, Mexico and Canada as an international problem (Internatinal concern) that urgent alert to and handled. Section, there is likely a potential swine flu pandemic and Extraordinary Gen. become international. With the latest information from the WHO, the MOH created a new circular to all Port Health Office (KKP). Contents so that they increase their awareness, augment him. Added, the status of swine flu by WHO, for all the impact in the world to do the preparation in order to face up to all possibilities. Although the WHO has been to improve the status of swine flu, MOH has not been decided to immediately issue a travel ban, warning travel / travel advisory. Section, there are no instructions lebh information from WHO. According to him, to further determine the policy, WHO must first hold a consultation with the emergency unit commite WHO. This is in accordance with the rules Intenational Helath Regulation 2005.

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