Rabu, 29 April 2009

Sport and Nationalism

Whether developing countries (behind / not yet prosperous country) as a sport that requires a national hero, as the ambassador of the nation before the international world.

Perhaps because of such third countries who need such symbols of pride. Symbols of the few people to stand as representative of the nation before the world. Because the three countries have not been able to facilitate all citizens can enjoy the sports facilities. Country only a few people able to pay to appear on the world stage.

Perhaps that is why we (the Indonesian part) proud, with a pride that is almost the same as when it will release a messenger to maintain a vertical fall of the nation, when Chris John to appear in Texas. It may also cause us proud against Ananda Mikola and Moreno to appear at the international race, even though we know both of their poor degree.

The contrast with countries that have been developed, such as the UK. Sports-there-are only likely to be seen as ornament of human life. Not again make the event show themselves before the world. In the United States for example, in the fight Chris John yesterday not seen as a place of nationalism as we lay in Indonesia. Duel is only seen as a place bet only, or Business. No more than that,And in countries such as this which is the pride system is precisely the exercise facilities. Proud because the country is able to provide sports facilities and physical non-physical to the public.

Once again!
On the one hand we must be aware of sports in this country is more focused on the performance of a few athletes to appear in the International arena. provision of sports facilities are complete and affordable for the public.

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