Rabu, 29 April 2009

Development of Youth Badminton Athletes

Problems that are often found by the new seeds is to know whether or not the potential itself in a particular type of sport. In this case, parents play an important role to provide support to them and not weaken their spirit to be more advanced. Most of the negative attitude of parents towards a career in the field of sport is growing because of its less-government award for sports.
To deal with adolescent athletes should observe norms according to age and talent development. But on the other side should also pay attention to the specificity of the someone who is different from one another. That is, even if the same youth, but their children have symptoms of general and specific symptoms that differ. Is more important to try to find the values of life or values education, and so forth.
Meanwhile, responding to discharge some of the national badminton athlete we like Ricky, Rexy and Maenaky Haryanto Arbi of PBSI, he stated that this is caused by a private life as athlete and also management issues that are less good (honor, age, etc.). . He saw the disappointment on their development made so far. In addition to the intervention that is too far away from the club and coach to determine who is entitled to compete in a rivalry. In other words, the environment of the world badminton us less fun and less good prospects, so they then decided after comparing with the world badminton abroad with all the facilities, security and so that of course will affect most of the achievements of badminton in the future. Therefore, an administrator, coach and trainer PBSI should do introspection, and communicate in a family to handle this case

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