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Cholesterol Control

Cholesterol in the body can cause various diseases. High cholesterol is not only experienced by those who well-fat, but those who lean does not mean kolesterolnya low. It can also befall those who are still young. Many of the age, the pattern must try to live healthy to be able to keep the cholesterol in the blood remains normal.


Food consumption of low fat and cholesterol. For example with milk consume without reducing consumption of fat and meat. Choose food with no saturated fat contents than the saturated fat contents. Oil used to fry the repeated cholesterol level can increase, there is a good idea to reduce your consumption of fried food.

Consumption of fibrous foods

More fibrous foods such as wheat, beans, vegetables and fruits. This type of food can absorb the cholesterol in the blood and remove it from the body.

Consumption of antioxidants

Many antioxidants found in fruits such as oranges, strawbery, papaya, carrots, or squash. Consume garlic regularly can also lower the cholesterol level.

Avoid alcohol and smoking

With smoke or consume alcohol, cholesterol akan easily accumulate in the bloodstream.


Exercise regularly according to the age and ability. Keep the weight of your body still ideal.

Healthy food, careful, dangerous

As mentioned above, is an important food that can cause cholesterol. The following table can give you reference what food should you eat or consumption can be reduced.

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