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know the cause of Migraine

Migraine disease is not common. Headaches such as this is generally caused by muscle tension, so it also called tension headache. Not only muscle tension, there are many other things that can cause the emergence of migraine. Migraine can be corrected with medication headache. However, if the frequency appear often enough, you have to be vigilant. Head in consultation with the doctor, because the potential to be an attack of stroke and heart attack.

Women's and migraine

Research shows the number of women in the incident three times higher than men. This is because migraine associated with estrogen hormone level fluctuations and progesteron. So this disease is suffered by many women who have entered puberty, the reproductive hormones begin active work. Even some women are often the migraine attacks with menstruation. Only reasonable, because the activity hormron estrogen and progesteron this fluctuant fluctuate along with the menstruation cycle.
Women who suffer migraine is suggested that selective use contraceptive tools. Possible means of avoiding hormonal contraceptives, such as the pill or needle.

Migraine and Weather Changes

Migraine can also originate from changes in weather. Research conducted by The New England Center for Headache, found 51% of migraine sensitive to weather changes. It's the attack of migraine when the weather changes cold and dry. There is also a recurrence in the weather warm and humid. They are vulnerable to changes in weather can make this look with anticipation or the forecast weather. Changes in the weather this information is necessary if the country you live in 4 seasons.

Migraine and Food

On some people consume foods that stimulate such as alcohol, coffee, cacao, as well as food additive, such as monosodium glutamat (MSG), and sweetener aspartam, especially with the excessive degree, can trigger migraine. Therefore, it is important for you to consider in the time after consuming what is causing your migraine recurrence. Suppose after you consume coffee, the coffee is the cause you need to avoid

Migraine and Lifestyle

The pattern of life "chaotic" that can also cause migraine. Much research has revealed that many lifestyles with stress, emotional shock, which does not eat regularly, sleep less adequate, with more smoking, a potential migraine trigger. Stress hormones make the body produce more adrenalin, giving rise to tension. Head, neck, and shoulder muscle contraction and to cause headaches.
The cigarettes have been known as the base of many diseases. Even if you do not consume alcohol and are not sensitive to changes in weather, but if you smoke, the risk is still affected by migraine. The solution, correct the pattern of your life to a more healthy direction. And that, you fight to stop smoking

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If you're diagnosed with severe migraine, one thing that might have caused it is due to lack of sleep. Our body releases a chemical called Seratonin which rely on the amount of sleep. Insufficient Seratonin is the main cause why migraine attacks.

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