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Caffeine in Coffee

Scientific studies to test the relevance of many coffee drinks with the health condition of the drunkard. Results revealed several studies have coffee bad for health. But not a bit of study results also disentangle the positive side-coffee drinker.

At first the origin of its development, as coffee is a drug can increase endurance and tone the body. Even in the early history, Muslim scholars used coffee as a drug, not a poisonous drink which must be avoided. But in the era of the modern world of health, as the coffee began to get a drink and supervision of a medical examination because it is considered strictly a bad impact for the health. So that it often consume coffee coffee with guilt

How the influence of coffee on the actual health care?

Here is the exposure of the positive and negative impact of coffee on the body and our health.

Caffeine in coffee

Incomplete discuss about the coffee taste without an offensive substance in the coffee - which is very popular, caffeine ...

  • Substances not smell bitter alkaloid in coffee called caffeine found in the year 1685 by dr. Philippe Sylvestre.
  • Based on the type and way of processing coffee, caffeine contents in coffee beverages can be in several levels. If beaten flat, for example, in a cup of coffee, about 207 ml or a cup of espresso, 30 ml of caffeine is estimated to contain 40 to 150 milligram (mg) .
  • Dose of caffeine that is equivalent to turning off the coffee cup with a hundred, or 10 grams of caffeine
  • The researchers believe that the coffee berkafein which can cause stiffening of the arterial wall of the heart of our performance.
  • Caffeine such as alcohol and nicotine, have the ability to dissolve in the blood to the brain, mind and affect so addicted cause the people who consume lots of caffeine. The influence is feared addicted to the extent that can be quite critical
  • Positive side of caffeine, making it flow faster and the mind clear and the feeling of drowsiness and dispel lelah.1 After consuming caffeine, a person can achieve intellectual achievement is higher. Thanks to the caffeine addition, motor activity and stimuli senses so more smoothly.
  • Caffeine will feel the effects after consuming one cup of coffee or two. With the tap of a number of coffee increased the heart, blood vessel broad. So the movement fluid and solid stool in the body will be made quickly
Some facts (Research) Interesting about the influence of Coffee for Health

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