Rabu, 12 Agustus 2009

Tea For Beauty

According to research, tea contains polifenol compound, teanin, mineral and alkaloid, vitamin C and vitamin E, beta karoten (this is good to reduce free radicals, prevent from cancer, heart disease and degenerative diseases and others) in addition to the tea also contains katekin ( that is anti bacteria that can prevent plaque and tartar and lower cholesterol). And tea can also prevent wrinkles and early penuan and others. But most do not because at most 5 cups of tea a day although a few contain caffeine. In fact, the beauty treatments are also many benefits including:

Caring for hair

From the first, known as topical maintain hair health. How easy is it?, Make a cuppa ago save or leave for one night. Shampoo and hair clean up first, then pour the tea in the casserole evenly. Do not live in Rinse, and wait 5 minutes. Then shampoo and your hair will shimmer. This method is also suitable for gray hair or the paint, will look long and lustrous color.

Subtilize face

If you'd like to face tight and white glow. I wake up after sleeping facial tea use water that has been left for one night. Use the grounds as scrap face. Leave a few minutes until the tea seep into the skin pore, then Rinse with clean water and dry. Do it regularly, once a day to do so faces appear clean and fresh glow.

Fresh eyes

I take the water that has been topical in to enter in a container and wash the eyes with the duck's face directly into the water with the eye blink to a large vessel like basin. Do once a week. So your eyes will look fresh. And your eyes will look bright and shining.

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