Jumat, 14 Agustus 2009

Eating for Health

There are several ways that the diet will reduce body weight if you follow the right way, as designed. but it does not mean that all foods fit into a diet is healthy food, but it does not mean you must change the pattern of food to comply with the rules of the diet.

Rather than worry about how to follow the diet, it is better to think about a healthy lifestyle instead. Start by choosing to study food is good for you.

The more closely the food cycle is taken from nature, the food is better for you. Fresh fruits and vegetables that most have a lot of vitamins and minerals, boiled them to retain the most nutritional value and be careful with the sauce, they may be high in calories and fat is not good for you.

apple good for the body, but the apple pie that is made is not really good for the body. Serve seafood two or three times a week. Fish and chicken are better presented in the form of a baked rather than fried in

drinking water, milk and 100% fruit juice and drinks as the main and limit sweet drinks a softdrink. If you are bored with mineral water, try adding a few sheets add a touch of lemon to taste.

Do not forget to eat different kinds of food to get all the vitamins and minerals you should be healthy.

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